Huan-ang Gao高焕昂

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Short Bio

I had the privilege of receiving the highest distinction for undergraduates at Tsinghua and within the Dept. of CST, along with the honor of being awarded the SenseTime scholarship in 2023.


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I am interested in studying generative models, particularly diffusion models, and exploring how to bridge Sim2Real gaps when leveraging them to improve downstream perception abilities for robotics. Aside from that, I often find myself delving into the wonderland of scene reconstruction technologies (NeRFs, 3DGS). I believe that Real2Sim2Real approaches could act as a powerful data engine for advancing embodied AI applications.

Serving Experience

  • Teaching Assistant

    • (30240163) Software Engineering. Compulsory course in CST, THU. (23Spring, 23Fall, 24Spring)
    • (30240551) Digital Logic Experimentation. Compulsory course in CST, THU. (24Spring)
    • (40240354) Computer Organization and Design. Compulsory course in CST, THU. (23Fall)
  • General Chair @ Student Association of Sci. & Tech., CST, THU.

    • See our introduction to CS documents here and our Summer Training Camp of CS Skills for freshmen here.